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Retiring leader Kjell Sæther thanked warmly for his leadership period

Frank Ingilæ new leader of Council of Border Municipalities

Frank Ingilæ and Kjell SætherFrank Ingilæ, Mayor of Tana Municipality in Norway, was today elected the new Leader of the Council in the general meeting held in Ivalo, Finland.
Frank Ingilæ, the new Leader of the Council handed a magic drum from the Council as a thank you gift to the retiring leader Kjell Sæther. Kjell was warmly applauded for his strong input in cross-border cooperation.

In addition to Frank Ingilæ, new members of the Board are Cecilie Hansen from Sør-Varanger, Reijo Timperi from Inari, Veikko Guttorm from Utsjoki, Mihail Chekrygin from Kola district and Dmitri Pisarev from Lovozero.