Representatives of 11 municipalities from four countries met in Inari

New winds are blowing for the Council of Border Municipalities in the North

The Council of Border Municipalities in the North decided to be more active and to make use of the forum created for it. A new Board has been elected, and the Chair of the  Board, Jyrki Hyttinen, Municipal Manager of Inari Municipality in Finland, is will lead the activation process with determination.

Jan Terje Nedrejord

Nordkalottrådet skriver om Gränskommunrådets projekt och intervjuar projektledare Jan Terje Nedrejord

North Calotte Council writes about project "Business Network over the Northern Borders"

Project Leader Jan Terje Nedrejord interviewed in North Calotte Council's newsletter about our on-going project.
Frank Ingilæ and Kjell Sæther

Retiring leader Kjell Sæther thanked warmly for his leadership period

Frank Ingilæ new leader of Council of Border Municipalities

Frank Ingilæ, Mayor of Tana Municipality in Norway, was today elected the new Leader of the Council in the general meeting held in Ivalo, Finland.

Murmansk 25.03.2010

"International exhibition - fair"

"International exhibition -fair" organized by the project "Business Network over the Northern Borders" will take place in Murmansk on March 25th at Knipovicha street 48, the State Department of Employment Service of Murmansk region. The participaters are coming from Nickel, Pechenga, Kola and Lovozero. There will also be representatives from the Norwegian, Finnish and Russian Customs authorities.

Murmansk 21st of May 2010

Council of border municipalities in the North with board meeting and general meeting 2010.

The next board meeting and general meeting will take place in Murmansk 21st of May. The same week-end the Northern Recreation exhibition takes place in Murmansk, also with participation from our membership Municipalities.

Kunnskapens Hus at Tana Bru

"House of Knowledge" officially opened

Friday 19th February the new "House of Knowledge" was opened by Ms. Helga Pedersen. The premises are accommodating digital cooperation and are hosting Tana Educational Center, LOSA, adult education and Digforsk. At the House of Knowledge there will be courses delivered from seven University Colleges in Norway. Exams can be undertaken locally in Tana and the House will be an integrated part of Eastern Finnmark Competence Center.

Working group established

Finland is preparing new Arctic strategy

The Prime Minister’s Office has appointed a working group to prepare a report on Finland’s policy for the Arctic region. The report is to be submitted to Parliament during the spring session. Parliament has required that guidelines concerning Finland’s policy for the Arctic region be drawn up.

Logo for the 150th anniversary of Sor-Varanger Municipality

Sør-Varanger Municipality celebrates its 150th anniversary

Sør-Varanger Municipality celebrates its 150th anniversary on 7-16 November. Read more on the  Anniversary pages.

Mayor of Zapoljarniy

Board meeting in Zapoljarniy, Pechenga

The Board of the Council had a meeting in September in Zapoljarniy, Pechenga. They had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Zapoljarniy, Mr Vladimir Ogienko.

The most important issues on the agenda were the action plan for next year, including a new project on SME cooperation, and the ways of financing the Council's costs.

This picture of Mr Ogienko is taken by the Mayor of Karasjok Municipality, Kjell Saether. He has written news about board meetings on  Karasjok website.

polar bear

“Climate Change Defining Human Security"

Calotte academy 2008

Inari-Kirkenes and Murmansk will be locations for the upcoming Calotte Academy 2008. 3 events will follow each other in May, starting in Inari 22nd-23rd, Kirkenes 24th, Murmansk 26th. More information can be received by contacting Inari municipality