Group picture from Council meeting in Pechenga

New leader Rune Rafaelsen takes the Council a major step forward

Council of Border Municipalities in the North held its general assembly in Pechenga

The Council of Border Municipalities in the North held its general assembly on the 21st of June at Pasvik Visitor Centre in Nikel, Pechenga, Russia. The Council consists of 15 municipalities from four countries: Kiruna from Sweden; Karasjok, Kautokeino, Nesseby, Porsanger, Sør-Varanger and Tana from Norway; Enontekiö, Inari, Sodankylä and Utsjoki from Finland; Kola, Lovozero and Pechenga Districts plus Nikel town from Russia. 

Preparations started for the General Assembly to be held in Pechenga 21-22 June

Board of the Council for Border Municipalities in the North had a meeting in Kirkenes


The Board meeting in Kirkenes on the 7th of April 2017. From left Natalia Samokhvalova and Eduard Zatona from Pechenga District. Zatona acts as the Chair of the Board. Toni K. Laine, Municipal Manager of Inari, Liza Stepanova from Sor-Varanger,  Veronika Gnatko and Aleksandr Likholat from Kola District, Svein Somby from Karasjok and Rune Rafaelsen from Sor-Varanger. 



Representatives of 11 municipalities from four countries met in Inari

New winds are blowing for the Council of Border Municipalities in the North

The Council of Border Municipalities in the North decided to be more active and to make use of the forum created for it. A new Board has been elected, and the Chair of the  Board, Jyrki Hyttinen, Municipal Manager of Inari Municipality in Finland, is will lead the activation process with determination.

Frank Ingilæ and Kjell Sæther

Retiring leader Kjell Sæther thanked warmly for his leadership period

Frank Ingilæ new leader of Council of Border Municipalities

Frank Ingilæ, Mayor of Tana Municipality in Norway, was today elected the new Leader of the Council in the general meeting held in Ivalo, Finland.

Murmansk 21st of May 2010

Council of border municipalities in the North with board meeting and general meeting 2010.

The next board meeting and general meeting will take place in Murmansk 21st of May. The same week-end the Northern Recreation exhibition takes place in Murmansk, also with participation from our membership Municipalities.
Logo for the 150th anniversary of Sor-Varanger Municipality

Sør-Varanger Municipality celebrates its 150th anniversary

Sør-Varanger Municipality celebrates its 150th anniversary on 7-16 November. Read more on the  Anniversary pages.

Mayor of Zapoljarniy

Board meeting in Zapoljarniy, Pechenga

The Board of the Council had a meeting in September in Zapoljarniy, Pechenga. They had the pleasure of meeting the Mayor of Zapoljarniy, Mr Vladimir Ogienko.

The most important issues on the agenda were the action plan for next year, including a new project on SME cooperation, and the ways of financing the Council's costs.

This picture of Mr Ogienko is taken by the Mayor of Karasjok Municipality, Kjell Saether. He has written news about board meetings on  Karasjok website.


Botnia Link - world class railroad

Botnia Link (Botniabanan) will open in 2010. The railroad tracks cost 19 bill. swedish crones and will span 190 kilometers. The railroad will cut travel time to half for the commuters and others who will use the link from Umeå and 190 km in southern direction. More info can be found here.

"People to People" project is concluded

The "People to People" project (Kolarctic INTERREG IIIA) has delivered its results and the project was closed 30th April 2008. The project was initiated and linked to the Council of border municipalities in the north. The project gave many results and has strengthened the crossborder cooperation in the north. The project coordinator Alf S. Johansen is very satisfied with the results and says that the project has been successfull.

Norway welcomes Russians

The Norwegian Minister of Labour and Social Inclusion, Bjarne Håkon Hanssen, wants to make it easier for Russians to work in northern Norway. A new proposal aims to make it easier for people in the border region to travel, work and study across the border and henceforth increase cooperation and economic development in the region. The Norwegian Barents Secretariat are among those welcoming the proposed modifications of existing requirements and procedures for obtaining visas and work permits for Norway. The proposal is expected to be well received by private business in northern Norway that, like in the rest of the country, lacks labour due to the current low unemployment rate.